I would invite you to do something very nourishing and beneficial for yourself.

Purchase the new book that has just been released entitled ‘TAO: The Way of God’ .  It was written by my friend, mentor and spiritual guide Master Waysun Liao.  It is, quite frankly, the most honest and true book I have ever read.  It is easy to read but don’t let that fool you.  The honesty and deep Truth in its pages moved me to tears on more than one occasion during my reading.

Anything I write here about the book wouldn’t do it justice.  The best I could say is that it really, really shows that the real Truth, the true Path is very simple.  Simple, certainly, but challenging as well because we are beset on all sides in our culture by artificial ideas and concepts that take us further away from that Truth.

Whatever your religious persuasion you will benefit from this book.  Whether you do Tai Chi or not you will benefit from this book.  Pick up a copy from the link above and know that I’d be most interested in hearing your thoughts after you’ve read it.

Think right (learn more about that in the book) and Happy Practice!