Happy New Year to everyone!  Hope that this coming year brings health, happiness, prosperity and continued growth in Tai Chi to us all.

I found the following short video clips online and thought they’d be good to share.  They give a visual comparison between two of the different styles we talked about on the last post; Yang and Chen.  They are really special clips as they are from quite a few years back and showcase two very noted masters.  Enjoy.

Cheng Man-ch’ing taught in New York City in the ’60’s and early ’70’s.  He, probably more than anyone else, is responsible for starting the growth of T’ai Chi in this Country.  Chen Zhaukui was a noted Chen Master and a renowned martial artist who taught in the Chen Village of China as well as Zhengshou, the capital city of Henan province,  during roughly the same time periods.  Both can be considered major innovators of T’ai Chi in that they each made some major contributions or changes to their respective systems, or styles.

Think right and happy practice!