I’m very pleased to announce that there will be a special T’ai Chi event coming up on Thursday, March 26th, that everyone is invited to attend.  YangYang has graciously accepted an invitation to put on an evening workshop for our T’ai Chi community here on the South Side.

In way of an introduction, Master Yang was born in mainland China and started his Taiji practice at the age of 12.  He credits his practice of Taiji to curing a congenital heart condition he had as a child which subsequently allowed him to enter a major university in Shangai where he earned an engineering degree.  During the next few years he met and studied with Gu Liuxin, Chen Zhaokui and Feng Zhiqiang, all famous 18th-generation masters of the Chen Style of Taijiquan.  He won first place in the Shangai University Martial Arts Championships for three straight years and was voted best overall martial artist in 1983. 

He moved back to Beijing in 1985 to continue his Taiji studies with Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and he also enrolled in the China University of Political Science and Law, where he subsequently earned a law degree.  He practiced business law in China for several years before coming to the United States in 1993, getting a master’s degree in economics from Illinois State University.

Yang realized that Taiji would flourish only when it was “demystified” and its benefits could be documented in Western scientific terms.  To this end, he completed a doctoral degree in kinesiologyat the University of Illinois in 2005.  He continues to engage in research projects the results of which he shares with the medical community.  He teaches people of all ages and physical abilities and is a wonderful ambassador for the art of Taiji.  If you would like to know more about him, please visit his website at http://www.centerfortaiji.com

Our event will be held in the demonstration room (room #150) of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Science at 111th and Pulaski.  We will start at 6:30 PM and the cost of participation is $25.  Having had the opportunity to meet and interact with Master Yang, I can tell you he is a very warm, dedicated man who is a pleasure to be with.  If you have a chance, come on down on Thursday, March 26th and join us for what promises to be a very special evening.

If  you have any questions drop me an email or give me a call at 708-218-1966.

Think right and happy practice!